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New Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. IWS.BY Shoe size chart

    IWS.BY Shoe size chart - the module allows you to add to the site a custom table of shoe sizes in the international format of different countries.

    Key features:
    - Basic data in the table: USA, UK, Europe and Russia.
    - It is possible to fill an additional size.
    - All labels can be changed.
    - The table is 100% wide and the styles are used by your template.
    - The module supports the cloning function, you can create several different tables.
    - The table is divided into ages: children, women and men. You can turn off division and make it a solid table.

  2. Categories list for Kunena

    Categories list for Kunena.

    Show all of the Kunena categories list in your site.

    After installed, place the module in any position.

    The template is overridable.

  3. Mx contact

    Mx contact responsive module allows to add a custom contact form in any pages you want in your website. The extension comes with two styles: default and the popup which will show the contact form in modal mode.


    Title Text ( for popup )
    Style ( Default / Popup )
    Text Color
    Background Color
    Css Style Fix - Yes/No
    Admin Email
    Notice Sendmail Success - Text
    Notice Sendmail Failed - Text
    Enable Captcha - Yes/No
    Captcha Question - Text
    Captcha Answer - Text
    Captcha warning text - Text
  4. Ruxin QR Code

    Ruxin QR Code enables you to dynamically add QR codes to your website
    - Ability to set qr code size
    - Ability to display custom links or current page link
    - Ability to show logo or label in center of qr code
    - Ability to set fill color and background color
    - Ability to put footer label

  5. basePWA - Progressive Web App for Joomla

    Convert your website into Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver an app-like user experience to your mobile visitors with basePWA.


    Installed, your Joomla website run in a standalone windows instead of a browser tab. basePWA prompts your users with "Add to Home Screen" banner when they visit your website.

    Launch from Home Screen

    basePWA makes your Joomla website launchable from the user's home screen, taskbar or dock. Make your website feels like part of the device it is installed on.


    Have a fast and dependable website as a PWA regardless of the network speed.

    Configure Application Name and Icon

    Set application name, upload and configure application icon that will show on the user's home screen from within Joomla's administartion control panel.

    Set Application Display Type

    Decide what browser UI you want for your application. basePWA can show your PWA in a Standalone or Fullscreen display mode.

    Splash Screen

    Configure the way your application loads from the user's home screen. Change the splash screen background color and add animated GIF.


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