Stay warm tonight with The POD of The Dead. Tons for you with the second half of our Bizarre AC coverage, 5th Annual Macabre Faire Film Festival "stolen moments", plus interviews with actors Brian O'Halloran, Steve Dash, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, new music and of course some late night nonsense thrown in too. Don't miss this show!  Download NOW.

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Light it up...

Macabre Faire Film Festival "stolen moments" throughout the program with: Adam, Rob, Grant, Stacy, Deirdre, Vince and Rivka
Druid signs
Trivia Time
Grant Gets "Pinned"
Are humans a fungus to the earth? Wyzae and Shay seek to find out
The qu**f song?!


Interviews in our part 2 coverage of Bizarre AC with:
Actors -Steve Dash, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, Brian O'Halloran
Character - Father Evil
Performer - Wyzae
Radio Hosts - B Movies
Dalia the Zombie Stripper
Special FX Makeup Guru - Bone Man
Haunted Attraction - Fear Factory

Tonight's episode features music from:
Nikol - Adam Randy - Lucid Static - Mystones - Okta Logue
Boriqua Posse - Vince Collura - Jolly

Your Host:  www.imdb.me/adamginsberg

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