And away we go...Crank up your day with a fresh brewed episode of your favorite radio program...The The POD of The Dead. All sorts of goodies for you this week served up with a rich, Columbian flavor...Well not really Columbian, but you get the point. Actresses, Cosplay, Filmmakers, Steampunk crafters, The Monster Man and more...Download NOW.

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CON Roundup - July Horror CONS and Film Festivals
The top 10 places to survive the apocalypse
Druid signs with Victor Laboy
A brand new Grandiloquent Word of The Week
Immaculate Defecation with Bobby Vegas
The Quote Game
Horoscope compatibility fun with the ladies
Cosplay in depth with Kim Weaver

Plus interviews with...

Kim Weaver from the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention
The Monster Man - Cleve Hall
Actor Bobby Campo from Being Human and Final Destination
Filmmaker Gabe Decoute from The Crusader
Actress / Model Hannah Landberg
Steampunk crafter Melinda from Mojo's Modded Creations
Legendary illustrator of Ren & Stimpy and more...Bob Camp

This episode features music from:
Shades of August
A Halo Called Fred
Shadows Symphony
Twisted Gears

Your Host:  www.imdb.me/adamginsberg

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