And here we go... The POD of The Dead comes screaming through the airwaves tonight with a special episode dedicated to The Lovely & Beautiful LC Macabre. Packed with interviews, music and the kind theatre of the mind you love...Enough wasting time, let's do this thing...Download NOW.

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20 – 2 Sentence Horror Stories
The sound of music with LC Macabre
The "Stud" in "Studenko"
"Sheirdra" and the Jersey Turnpike
March CON Roundup
The Grandiloquent Word of The Week
Story time with Minion
The Broken Word featuring "Tapping", the work & voice of award winning actor Roger Floyd
The Queef Song


Interviews with...
Author of Exit Zero, Neil Cohen
Author/Poet, Rich Orth
Filmmaker, Jerry Janda

Tonight's episode features music from:

Amy Caudle
Murdoc Romes
Naked Lunch
Okta Logue
Twisted Gears
Midnight Syndicate
Shadows Symphony

Your Host:  www.imdb.me/adamginsberg

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