BOOOOHHH!!! Wake up, snap to, The POD of The Dead is here for you. I've got a brand new episode for you right now with so much sweet stuff, you'll feel like you just went trick or treating. From Connecticut ComiCONN interviews to The Caped Crusader, from Zombies in Kansas to the ethereal mysteries of life, this one will have you cranking up the volume for more...Download NOW.

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Dig in...

CON Roundup - September Horror conventions and film festivals
The Fart Lapse with "Drunk Shay"
The Grandiloquent Word of The Week
A lingering ethereal mystery...Solved?
Top Ten Freaky Fatal Accidents
Trivia Time with LC Macabre and Shay The Enchanted

Plus Interviews with...

Filmmaker Aaron K. Carter from Dead Kansas
Filmmaker Ramsey Eassa and Filmmaker/Actor Tom Mariano from Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours
Prop Maker/Set Builder Brian Coghill
Illustrator Jack Purcell
3D Modeler James Lindberg
Special FX Makeup Guru Kyle Pascuitti
Leather Craftsman Nick Perry

This episode features music from...
Power of Aggression
Shadow's Symphony

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