Psssst...Hey...You there, chilling at home on a Friday night. Want some candy? Trick or treat, The POD of The Dead comes roaring back to life right now with an episode that is sure to put you in the Halloween mood! Tis the season and I've jammed this episode with Universal Studios Horror Nights, Schmitt's Farm Haunted Mansion Melville, drunken shenanigans and more.  Download NOW.

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A complete review of the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights park and haunts with LC Macabre including: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dusk Till Dawn, The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, Transformers, Despicable Me, Alien vs Predator, Halloween, The Purge, Dracula and more...
Featured Long Island haunt...Schmitt's Farm Haunted Mansion of Melville walk through and review.
Getting "dirty" with Mara in The Villages
The return of The King??? Elvis "larger than life"

Plus interviews with:

Matt and Libby from Libmatic Films
Lisa M Snyder from Rock Thiz Magazine

This episode feature music from:

Out of Sphere
Midnight Syndicate
Shadow's Symphony
Positronic Cats
Alicia Keys & Will Spitwell

Your Host:  www.imdb.me/adamginsberg

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