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Time to ring in the New Year on...The POD of The Dead! Killer show lined up for you tonight. We go back to Mr. Hush Weekend of Fear 2, swing past Walker Stalker CON in Atlanta, spend the night at Shay's for some POD "nonsense" (that I know you love)...And there is a treasure trove of music for you tonight too. Oh yeah, you know it. It's time...For The POD...Of the Dead.  Download NOW.

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Down the hatch!

CON Roundup - January & February Horror CONS, Film Festivals and Events
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day (week)
Horoscope compatibility...Pisces and Libra
Tarantula Movie Review of Woman in Black 2 with LC Macabre
Top Ten Scariest Video Games
Trivia WAR with Shay and Michelle
A trip through the Urban Dictionary with "Drunk Shay" & LC Macabre...Armpits and nuts??

PLUS Interviews with:
Actress, Model - Greta Volkova
Author - JH Glaze
Filmmaker. Event Organizer - David Madison
Actor - Jim Krut
King Maximus & Queen Ophelia
Dark River Productions' own Lance...AKA "Zippy"
Actress - Marie Wallace from Dark Shadows
Jeremy and Joanna from Uncle Charlie's Chop Shop
Monsterman - Cleve Hall

Tonight's episode features music from...
Desert Ships, Jutty Ranx, Kicking Harold, MYSTONS, Sounds of Sputnik, The Cornelius Crane, JOLLY and The Dandy Warhols

Your Host:  www.imdb.me/adamginsberg

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