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admanoomyWelcome to Out of My Head RADIO! The natural evolution of the original, #1 ranked "POD of The DEAD" radio program has begun...Same great program, with a brand new name, website and opportunities for engagement developed just for you!

Listen regularly for horror, sci fi, pop culture, and assorted topic talk including movies, theater, indie music, interviews with actors, filmmakers and interesting people. Each episode we bring you deep inside our world with product and event information from our in depth convention coverage, including interviews with unique vendors and product companies and the event organizers themselves. Bizarre news, comedy skits, adult humor, unique voice overs, original characters, theater of the mind and more!

It's Out of My head RADIO hosted by Adam "The AdMan" Ginsberg, who entertains with a well rounded, informative and warm delivery, while bringing a wide range of voice acting skills and a brand of humor that creates a unique radio program for your enjoyment.

Now we're pulling back the curtain...If you've enjoyed the POD of The DEAD radio program and "The AdMan's" unique brand of humor and style, then you're going to love what's next. This site offers you the opportunity to go further into Adam's world via his photography, articles and thoughts, favorite videos AND access to every episode of the original POD of The DEAD radio program ever created...PLUS all Out of My Head Radio episodes moving forward. Simply access the archives on the menu bar above and download to your heart's content. Episodes range from 1 to 2 hours in length!!! 

Syndicated on over a dozen radio stations currently, heard in over 145 countries across the globe with over 200,000 listeners per episode!!! Now is your time to get involved.

Welcome to Out of My Head RADIO!

Show contact for interviews, booking and advertising information: Adam Ginsberg @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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