We've lost it...Completely!  Out of My Head Radio busts your cranium wide open tonight with a show that will leave you drooling.  From a Voice Over legend to HorrorHound Weekend, from Pretty Fine Things to things you should never do naked, and there is even a sprinkle of Edgar Allan Poe.  This is one episode you do not want to miss.  Turn it up, tune it in, get ready to take a trip that includes a stop in Atlantis! DOWNLOAD NOW
The Grandiloquent Word of the Week
18 Things you should never do naked
Descendants of Atlantis
The Broken Word featuring - Edgar Allan Poe 
Interviews with:
Filmmaker Skip Shea
Filmmaker Ryan Scott Weber
Voice Actor Quinton Flynn
LuLu and Jennifer from Haunted Angelus House
Jessica Sullivan from Yaphank Trail of Terror
This episode features music from:
Edward Helsing
Rachel Mason
Young Heavy Souls
The LDM Band
Your Host: -
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