Psssst...Hey you...WAKE UP!  Out of My Head Radio is back this morning with a brand new episode guaranteed to charge up your day!  We've got Philadelphia Tattoo Convention coverage, reeeeaaallly creepy "true" stories, films that are on the verge of taking home an Oscar next week and rules that couples abide by when it comes to great sex, and that's just a part of it.  Ready? DOWNLOAD NOW
The Broken Word feauting the work of Author JH Glaze 
Couples 7 Rules for sex 
Crash into the movies:  The Oscar goes to...
The Grandiloquent Word of the week 
The Q-Tip of the Day 
Top 10 creepy scary stories 
Interviews with:
Danny, iBall Pythons head snakecharmer
Comedienne, FLAME 
Grin from The Circus Rejects 
Master Photographer, Jack Cutler 
John, The Smut King from Smutlife 
Lisa Doll from Rose Red Tattoo 
Lindsay and Ruby from Penn Jersey Roller Derby 
Stefan from The Holy Black Trading Co. 
Travis Prindall from Needlejig tattoo supply
This episode features music from...
Less Than None 
Moxy and The Influence 
N Site 
Out of Sphere 
Wakey Wakey
208 Talks of Angels
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