Snowed in?  I've got something to warm you up.  Out of My Head Radio comes plowing through tonight with gobs of Macabre Faire Film Festival Red Carpet coverage and interviews!  Music, games, movie talk and inflatable love dolls?  You know it.  It's time to tune in, and get out of your head...DOWNLOAD NOW
The Broken Word featuring Author JH Glaze's "Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls
The Q-tip of The Week
The Grandiloquent Word of the week
Crash into the movies - Bladerunner
Trivia Time with Phyllis, Frank and Marni 
Red Carpet Interviews with:
David Warfield, Filmmaker 
Lauren Lakas, Actress 
Fiona Horrigan, Actress 
Addison Ginsberg, Actor 
Daniel Brown, Filmmaker 
Jarek Zabczynski, Filmmaker 
Ryan Katzer, Filmmaker 
Paula Rempel Spurr, Actress 
Santa Claus 
James Balsamo, Filmmaker 
Todd Staruch, Event Organizer 
Bob Socci, Actor 
John Link, Actor 
Eileen Dietz, Actress 
Jimmie Gonzales, Filmmaker 
Kevin Forte, Filmmaker 
Erica Lee Hammond, Actress 
Edward X. Young, Actor 
Thomas Ryan, Filmmaker 
Andres R. Zabala 
Brian Coddington, Filmmaker 
Kalen Artinian, Filmmaker 
Mathew Almeida, Filmmaker 
Debbie Rochon, Filmmaker 
Scott W. Perry, Filmmaker 
Tony DeBenedetto, Filmmaker 
Mark Blitch, Filmmaker 
Jason Walter Vaile, Filmmaker 
This episode features music from...
Synthetic Nation 
Out of Sphere
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