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Oh Boy
A brand new Grandiloquent Word of the Day 
Has Shay The Enchanted found her mate?
Sharon makes Whoopie!
The Q-Tip of The Week
Illustrator, creator, Sid Prince finds out he's an Ash Tree
Story time with Minion
The Top 10 Museums that will scare you silly
The Big Horse knows how to party
Britney takes on The Urban Dictionary
Trivia Time with The AdMan's Family
Interviews with...
Actor, Producer - Dean Sills 
Macabre Mavens Ryan and Waleska
This episode features music from:
Asylum Escape 
Lizzie Weber 
Lunar Twin 
Rodney Cromwell 
The Art of Amputation
A Shoreline Dream 
The Zombies 
To Stowaway 
Amy Michelle Caudle
Jon Kohen
Imam Baildi
Your Host: www.imdb.me/adamginsberg
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