Shake and Bake... Out of My Head Radio sparks up tonight with an episode that just may give you the munchies. From Walker Stalker Atlanta coverage to people helping people. From Horror Conventions to Deep Space...Come take the ride, you may never want to come back. See for yourself DOWNLOAD NOW 


CON Roundup - Nov. and Dec. Horror Film Festivals and Conventions
The Grandiloquent Word of The Week
The Q-Tip of the Week


(Walker Stalker CON Coverage)
Author, JH Glaze
Actor, Jeremy Madden
Artist, Nasty Nate
PerryCon Organizer, Mario Russo
Artists, Pork and Darbella from Drop Dead Bizarre
LAVE's, Tracy Maksel
Starbreeze Studios, presents Overkill's "The Walking Dead VR Experience"


Life Coach, Qumran Taj discusses Helping Hand, Open Heart
Author, Illustrator, Sid Prince goes on a Deep Weed Trek

This episode features music from...

Anubis Unit
Harbinger Uprising
Psyche Corporation
The Mystic Underground
The Dandy Warhols

Your Host: www.imdb.me/adamginsberg

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