The temperature is dropping outside on this brisk Fall night. A perfect night to snuggle up with hot cocoa, hot apple cider and Out of My Head Radio. Tonight's program is sure to keep you warm. From Immortal Con to New York Comic Con, from Voice Over legends to the man who plays on your phobias, and I've even crammed in a ton of music too. Think you can handle this? Find out.  DOWNLOAD NOW.
A brand new Grandiloquent Word of the Week
The Broken Word featuring guest reader Sid Prince 
Waiting on the man in the straw hat...
The Quote Game
Top 10 Haunted Places in NYC
Artist, Aubrey Nolan 
Voice Actor, Billy West 
Vendor, The Pop Culture Vault
Voice Actor, Mike Pollock 
Filmmaker, Scott W. Perry
This episode features music from:
Dark Orchard 
Joel Zark 
Chris Prythm 
Mik Current 
Nocturnal Poisoning
The Feels
Jon Kohen 
The Cornelius Crane 
208 Talks of Angels
Tune in tonight at 10PM Eastern on (WROCK Radio)
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