Here it comes... Out of My Head Radio takes you for a ride tonight. So buckle up baby, we've got places to go and people to talk to. I've got Filmmakers, Star Wars Fandom, Bizarro Fiction, Spoken Word and a full pallet of indie music goodness all set to fill you to the brim. DOWNLOAD NOW
You with me?
A brand new Grandiloquent Word of the Day (Week)
The Quote Game
Urban Dictionary mishaps
"Gnash" narrated by Adam Ginsberg 
"Spinechillers" narrated by Doug Bradley 
Interviews with...
Filmmakers - Justin and Pat Francart 
Author, Filmmaker - Kevin Strange 
Props Master - Mark A. Richardson 
Filmmaker - Tony DeBenedetto 
"Head Bitch in Charge" - Mary Garnett 
Ultimate Vapor - Marsha 
This episode features music by
Crumb Catcher 
Date at Midnight
Dim arcana 
Markus Midnight 
Temple Invisible
208 Talks of Angels 
Your Host: www.imdb.me/adamginsberg
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