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Interested in reaching our audience?  

Let Out of My Head RADIO get the job done for YOU!

Our goal is a simpe one...To connect your business with our listeners and site audience in the most high impact and cost effective ways possible.  We offer a la carte media buys as well as fully integrated advertising and marketing solutions for your business.  

Out of My Head RADIO...Our story.

From it's inception over 5 years ago, The POD of The DEAD always had something special about it. Through time this little podcast (birthed in the basement of Adam Ginsberg's home), began to grow and take on a life of it's own. As time passed the show evolved from an in house medium to promote Adam's company TwitchTwitch Productions, into a full fledged radio program that broadened to cover topics and people within the horror, sci fi, steampunk and pop culture worlds.

As time passed, the show went on the road, pulling in convention coverage, within those industries, celebrity interviews poured in, actors, filmmakers and interesting people steadily became a part of the mix. This combined with Adam's sense of humor (which brought unique comedy skits with his then co-host Robert Frankenberg), voice over sketches, adult nonsense, and indie music, ultimately pushed The POD of The DEAD out of the basement and onto 4 radio stations. Having recently cracked the 200,000+ listener barrier and holding the #1 ranking on one of the stations for over 6 months, the time had come to move forward with the next step in the natural evolution of the show...Welcome to Out of My Head Radio. Now heard in over 140 countries featuring a demographic that is strongest in the 30-50 year old range, yet boasting listeners from 15 to 70!

Adam Ginsberg now hosts the show solo and has been doing so since the beginning of 2014. A graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, his experience and skill behind the mic and engineering the program, takes listeners on a unique audio ride each and every show. From his warm delivery to his snappy sense of humor, wit and knowledge of many diverse subjects, listeners find themselves engaged for the entire 2 hour episode, in anticipation for the next show to come.

Out of My Head RADIO routinely goes on the road, hitting conventions, film festivals and events, spreading the love for what we do and grabbing interviews and moments that no other program would dare to have. From impromptu interviews with celebrities, vendors and event organizers, to late night hotel room nonsense that has to be heard to be believed...Put simply, you will be educated, entertained and flat out fascinated by this program! Let us get results for you! Contact us today and let's brainstorm an Ad campaign that works.

Contact Information

Adam Ginsberg

(516) 395-0150

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With over 25 years in the advertising business aside from radio hosting...They don't call him "The AdMan" for nothing. Reach out today, and let him put his expertise to work for you.

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