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Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything...Kick back and smile with Out of My Head Radio because I'm bringing you a show that is going to make you shake your head in blissful disbelief. Big time Actor and Filmmaker interviews, April conventions and film festivals, and Mr. X and The Mistress of The Dark go toe to toe in 18 minutes of radio that will go down in history. Oh yeah, that's right...It's THAT kind of show. Don't miss it, Download Now.
Fuel Up...
CON Roundup - April Horror and Scifi conventions and film festivals across the US.
A brand new Grandiloquent Word of the Day (week)
Dinner at Portillo's with the Elsie Ginsberg and Nicole Oliva
Mr. X and The Mistress of The Dark UNCENSORED
Interviews with:
Actor, Stuntman - Tom Proctor 
Author - Scott Kenemore 
Horror Host - Count Gregula 
Wet Specimen Specialist - Ron Kravello 
Filmmaker, Author - Tony Angelo
This episode features music from:
00tz 00tz 
Glenn Love 
Machines on Blast 
Tape Runs Out 
Your Host:
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